Enterprise Sales

Most customers with enterprise agreements require custom integration or a specialty agreement to make SheetsDB suitable for their realtime or sensitive data needs.

We invite you to kick the tires of SheetsDB, first, for free. However, we do offer advanced features and fewer restrictions to customers with enterprise agreements:

  • Unlimited conversions
  • REST API to use SheetsDB as an online database
  • CORS support
  • Larger filesizes
  • SLAs and Support Contacts
  • Protect sensitive data, such as with HIPAA Business Associate agreements
  • Nested data types for JSON
  • Support for importing formulas

What to expect:

  1. You send us an email to sales at hiramsoftware.com
  2. Our technical sales evangelist will schedule a phone call.
  3. If we both agree that SheetsDB is a good fit, we will send you a statement of work split into two parts:
    1. Short-term engagement to support building a prototype. We do not offer free prototypes, and we typically only play a supporting role.
    2. Long-term engagement that includes SLAs, NDAs, any HIPAA business associate agreements, and so on.
  4. You maintain the relationship with our account executive for the duration.